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Deliveries are charged at a flat rate of £55.00 inc VAT, these rates apply to all UK Mainland addresses. We can deliver to all other outlying areas for a small surcharge so please contact us for exact costing. We will normally amalgamate 2 or more carpet cuts of the same quality, colour and width into a single roll to guarantee colour matching and reduce delivery costs.

We can fit rooms of any size please contact us for fitting prices.  Fitting costs are tailored to your individual requirements.
Measuring Guide
If you are having trouble measuring your room and deciding how much carpet you need, you can do a few things;
1. We can send a fitter to measure your home for you for a £25 charge (this is fully rebatable once an order is placed with us therefore this service will be FREE). Please contact us and we can advise you of your requirements. Please note we will give you firm quotes prior to measuring using your own estimated sizes that you give us, prices will only vary if your estimated sizes differ from your actual sizes once we have measured your home. 
2. Call our showroom and we can help you measure it over the phone.
3. Post or email us your room sizes and we can plan how much carpet you need.
4. Follow our basic measuring guide below or our more comprehensive guide here.

Lounges / Bedrooms / Diners / Bathrooms
To obtain the correct measurements for the amount of carpet you need, simply measure the two widest points in the room remembering to measure into alcoves, bay windows & into the door recesses, then and add 10cm* onto each length.*(This is not always necessary, please call for details) Carpets generally come in 4 & 5 meter widths, therefore one of you room lengths will have to be rounded up to this figure.
Hall / Stairs / Landings
Measure the hall and landing areas the same as you would a lounge. To measure the stairs simply measure the width of one step, then measure the riser (vertical part) and the tread (horizontal part) of one step. Then simply count the number of steps.
You then need to phone or email us with these measurements and we can plan the amount of carpet you will need. As a general rule 12 steps are 1.5m x 4m = 6 square meters in total. Waste from your other rooms and from hall or landing can be used on the stairs. Steps can be fitted individually.

Sales / Payment
Upon placing all orders over our secure pay site a representative of ours will phone you within 24 hours to confirm your order and discuss delivery.
Payment can be made over our secure site, over the phone with one of our representatives or by bank transfer. No goods can be dispatched or processed until payment has been made in full.